SEE HOW!! Ruggedman Reveals How To Identify A Real SARS Operative

Nigerian ace rapper, Ruggedman, who has been one of the celebrities speaking up against SARS brutality, has revealed how to know the real operatives of the scheme.

He shared a video of himself with some SARS officers and showed the detailing on their jackets, revealing how to know the real SARS officers.

In his words, he said:-

“So back to my mission with the new OC SARS Lagos state, CSP Peter Gana. He said a lot of people have been impersonating and carrying out terrible acts as SARS officials and he showed me how to spot fake sars.

So I thought to share them with my people.

1. The real Sars have a Red scorpion on their cap and jacket with the number 039 on them.

2. Sars units are only allocated 2 riffles . So if you see any group of alleged Sars officials with more than 2 riffles, they are fake.


1. Without a proper uniform, anybody (including Armed Robbers) can buy black T-shirts and print Sars on them. We need a better way to spot the real ones easily.

2. They need proper mode of identification e.g. Their Name or Number badge should be printed on their Uniform to make tracing them or their station easy.

3. Since they are a special unit with so much negativity around them at the moment, it’s best to get them off the streets for now (unless when a special crime is happening) because the brutalization, extortion, kidnapping and unlawful arrests of innocent Nigerians is too much.

We don’t have a problem with them dealing with confirmed criminals, but treating innocent Nigerians like animals is turning the country into a ticking time bomb.

If you fall victim to the rogue officials, if a video is impossible just try to get a good picture of one of them and contact any of the numbers below:-

1. CSP Chike, PPRO, Lagos – 07065246927

CSP Dolapo, ZPPRO, Onikan – 09071555555

CSP Peter Gana, OC FSARS Ikeja – 08033119661

Just like us, he is also tired of the police impunity. While we wait to see the difference the new OC Sars has promised, the #Endsars campaign is here to stay until our demands are met.

All Thanks to Ruggedy Baba for the wonderful moves, things would change for the better henceforth, we hope & pray


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