5 Reasons Igbo May Never Rule Nigeria – Do You Agree?

One of the realest and toughest struggle in Nigeria today is the struggle for power.

It is generally believe that when one is rich, the next thing such man or woman looks for is power, through politics.

There are different tribes in Nigeria but there are only 3 major tribes, which are; HausaYoruba and Igbo.

Of this 3 major major tribes, the Hausa, Yoruba and even some minor tribes have had their fair share of being at the helms of affair of this nation but surprisingly, the Igbos has never rule at any point in time.

Well, Naijaloaded will take you through the top 5 reasons Igbo cannot rule in Nigeria.

1. Biafra Agitation

Since Nigeria was amalgamated and gain independence, there has been an agitation for secession by the igbos who see themselves as more of Biafra than Nigeria.

However, before anyone can become a President in Nigeria, you must secure the majority support of 2 of these 3 major tribes and have a considerable level of acceptability and popularity across other tribes.

This has been difficult for the Igbos to achieve, it is very difficult for an average Hausa man to trust an Igbo man with power, the hatred they have for one another is like that of water and fire, who cannot co-habit together, talkless of voting for one another.

As hospitable as the Yorubas are, working fully for the igbo to be able to rule Nigeria is highly unlikely, that is, not even taking into account the population factor.

The unity and the political consciousness of the Hausa which has made it impossible for anybody to become Nigeria President or Head-of-state without the support of the majority of the who is who among the Hausas.

Until they see themselves as Nigerians, which is the only way they can instill trust into the Yoruba and the Hausa, ruling Nigeria may continue to be a tall dream.

2. Failing To Speak With One Voice

Igbo deserves to hold a prime position in Nigerian Government but they have not been so lucky except for Nnamdi Azikwe and Alex Ekwueme, no other Igbo man has been able to get hold of a prime position.

Also, since Nigeria return to democracy in 1999, nobody of Igbo extraction has assume the position of either the President or Vice-president, no thanks to their disunity, the Igbo elites most time pursue narrow self-interest rather than the common good of the entire Igbo nation.

For example, after Former President Olusegun Obasanjo completed his tenure in 2007, there were agitation by the Igbos to take over the government and they had a fine candidate in Alex Ekwueme, who could have given every other candidates a run for their money but the failure to speak with one voice wrecked their chances.

Igbo aspirants hated on Ekwueme and this agitation dashed their hope and everything went down as they could no longer think straight to laid down a better candidate.

In the past, the Yoruba had unanimously supported M.K.O Abiola in 1993 and Olusegun Obasanjo in 1999, the Hausas also unanimously supported Shehu Shagari in 1979 and Muhammadu Buhari in 2015, same cannot be said about Igbo at any point in time in the history of Nigeria and until such narrative changes, the Presidency may continue to elude the igbo nation.

3. Lack Of Cooperation

In whatever one do in life, cooperation with one co-traveler is a necessity, as much as the Igbo are good in business which has been aided with the ability to cooperate with anyone, they have been unable to replicate that at the political scene.

For example, in June 1993, as much as most Nigerians supported Bashorun M.K.O Abiola, the Igbos for reasons best known to them fail to queue behind him despite his glaring popularity, had the Igbos supported the Yoruba then, it would have been impossible to annul that credible election.

This has made it very difficult for the Yoruba, who are also very much politically sophisticated to cooperate with the Igbos in any election, the Igbos has bottled the chance to cement their relationship with the South West, had the Igbos cooperated with the Yoruba then, they would be having something to leverage on in getting the Yoruba support in their aspiration for the Presidency and until they are willing to cooperate with other important Nigerian tribes, they may continue to see the Presidential position only from the mountain top.

Buhari won the Presidential election with the influence of Yoruba & Hausa’s vote. Collaboration & Cooperation is key in election.

4. Not Trusted By Other Tribes

The Igbos are the least tolerance tribe in Nigeria, they find it very difficult to co-habit with other tribes unless they are gaining more from you.

Their intolerance to rule by other tribes was best described by Late Sir Ahmadu Bello when he said they are too dominating, he went further to say:-

“if you employ an Igbo man as a labourer, he will like to take over as foreman within a short while”.

With such an orientation and mindset, Nigerians will continue to be suspicious of entrusting them with power.

Most Nigerians believe Igbo will use the Presidential power to actualize their Biafra dream if they eventually win the sit.

5. Love For Wealth Acquisition

It is an open secret that no other tribe in Nigeria and perhaps in Africa and the rest of the world values wealth acquisition as much as the Igbos.

They values wealth irrespective of the means that can be used to get it and such an act is not a quality expected of a leader of any nation.

The position of the Nigeria President comes with limitless power and loftiness which can be used for self enrichment at an unimaginable larger scale and a nation that has sunk very deep into corruption, misappropriation of fund and money laundry may collapse having someone of this kind of character as the Presidency.

For these reasons, Nigerians tend to deny the Igbos the opportunity of not only assuming the Presidency but also prevent them from taking over key financial positions.

Until such perception changes, ruling this nation may be impossible.


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