When You Die, We Will Only Drink And Talk About Your Greed & Ungratefulness – Harrysong Ex Manager

Harrysong’s Ex Manager, Kaycee Oguejiofor has reacted to Harrysong’s struggle with depression and interview about him requesting people not to cry when he dies.

Harrysong who got into the news recently with his alarming post which indicated he is battling with depression and a post he put out on Instagram saying ‘don’t cry when I die‘, has been called out by his Ex manager Kaycee who said ‘Nigga when you die, the only memory of you I will have is greed! greed!! and greed!!! None of the homies around you made a living off you. No one got in equal strength what they put in and sacrificed.

Only people who stick around you are those who steal from you.
When you die we will only tell stories of the sadness you brought to us. NONE of your DAY 1s! is still riding with you.

If you die, I will sit in the bar and tell stories, sad stories of how ungrateful and disloyal you were to everyone who helped you build your dream’.


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