Bennylee live 2019 is no doubt everywhere online and lot of questions is being asked about what the show is gonna be about …..
Bennylee is no doubt one of the greatest musician who is one day going to be a legend in Ondo State Nigeria Africa and the world at large
Some plan that are already in store for the shows

Accommodation for guest artistes

complimentary food and drinks for first 50 people to get tickets

Great music and comedy performance from artists all around Nigeria …..

This show should not be perceived as a local event…
It actually gonna be international as Bennylee already planned to make a move about his darling show, promoting it internationally to 5 different countries of the world

in a single month

Bennylee live ’19 pre concert tour with team member starts
January 24th – February 20th
Lagos (LOS) – Dubai (DXB)
January 24 – February 4th
Covering about 6 cities in the United Arab Emirates in Asia ….
Dubai DXB – Nairobi (Kenya)
February 5th – February 9th
Covering 4 cities in Kenya
Kenya – Uganda
February – 10th – February 14th
Then Uganda

to Ghana
February 15th to 18th

Ghana to Nigeria

February 20th till show date on 23rd February

The Return of Bennylee is indeed a wonderful one …. the show will be a wonderful return back to Music scene and then a return back from Dubai to entertain his fans


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