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ExtremeMirror Admin:- Can we Meet you.    Baebliss:- I’m baeblisss

ExtremeMirror Media:- What’s your genre of music?                                                  Baebliss:-Rap

ExtremeMirror Media:- Are you signed to any record label? If yes, which record label are you signed to?

ExtremeMirror Media:- when did you start doing music?
Baebliss:- 2013

ExtremeMirror Admin:- What social Media are obsessed with?
Baebliss:- Instagram

ExtremeMirror Media:- What’s your greatest achievement?
Baebliss:- well, I might not be as popular or blown but I am happy where I am today

ExtremeMirror Media:- Who is your celebrity cruch?
Baebliss:- cardi b

ExtremeMirror Media:- How many songs have you released?

ExtremeMirror Media:- Which producer(s) are you working with?Baebliss:- cnew Pondis

ExtremeMirror Media:- Who is your role Model/mentor?
Baebliss:- cardi b

ExtremeMirror Admin:- What do you have to say about music promoters who have sex with female artists before giving them chance to perform on stage?
Baebliss:- Music promoters that have sx with female artist?
Mehn this really happens most in Nigeria entertainment industry, our Nolloywood is nothing to write home about anylonger, some will come with his/her talent, then u request for sex because you think you wanna help them?
How does that sound? It’s one of the things killing our industry,it is a potential carrier killer, and to those of the female always desperate?
GOD blows people and not music promoters, or movie directors ,when it’s your time as they said “Every go Stew” ?

ExtremeMirror Admin:- what projects are you working on now?
Baebliss:- I’m working on featurng one of the big arts in NIGERIA, although name won’t be revealed now ?

ExtremeMirror Media:- What do you do apart from music?
Baebliss:-What I do apart from music?
Emmmm, that’s best known to me for now

ExtremeMirror Media:- what’s your best Nigerian song at the moment?
Baebliss:- Deejaymaster ft phyno &flavour -Ani

ExtremeMirror Media:- where do you see yourself in Next five years?
Baebliss:- Where I see my self in the next five years?
Yo! By the grace of God I know I will be greater than what I am today

you can Follow her Social Media handles

Facebook:- Baebliss Ads

Instagram:- Baeblissofficial


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