Regina Daniels warns Nigerians after her brother was assaulted by the Police

Nollywood actress, Regina Daniels is in no mood this morning, as she’s warned Nigerians no to compound her anger, as she issued a stern warning on Social media.

This is coming after reports surfaced yesterday that her brother, lawrence assaulted a police officer in Delta state.

A video later surfaced which showed the brother in a struggle with other police officers who were drafted to quell the situation

The video which was shared on social media saw many Nigerians making comments which didn’t sit well with Regina Daniels.

Reacting to their comments, she wrote: ‘U people shouldn’t make me angry. Can’t u see they were d ones assaulting him? Or are you blind?? And yet some people are here saying trash!!! GTFO’

Some reactions to the video reads thus;

nigeriafirstborn: Someone said he will say do you know my in law ??

06_____13_____0992: He sister don Marry big man nau. ? anyhow anyhow my sister husband go bail me mindset. No worry! When ph sars slap you ? even before your sister husband go call out. You go don resemble Chinese man ??

thawhyte: Lolz… Bullet no sabi Connection oo, you go humble.

ritazdiary: When his sister is married to a Politician Daddy?… gra gra go start.

ire_ola_: You don’t know my in-law right ?????you must be mad ?????

babajideedges: Judging by the Law of Scholarship Romance, An In-Law of a Billionaire Can also claim to be a Billionaire in Authority. Lawrence be like “ How dare you, Don’t you know my sister……..Do you know whom my In-Law is” ?? Lol, The month of MAY came with a Bang and we ain’t even ready at all…phew ??‍♂️ !

sir_tijaja: His social media bio probably contains “ReginaDaniel Blood sister, Billionaire’s wife’s brother”.

sarmmy_m: Nigerian police ?‍♀️ why’re you guys man handling him?? Do y’all know his Grandad?? Sorry in-law ???

shuga_shaa: See what too much pocket money caused hmmmm let me mind my business o ?

stevobj: Power don dey push this one cos he has powerful political in-law. Den go just make you count scores…


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