We Shall Go For Conflict, If Consolidation Doesn’t Work – NANS

The atmosphere seems to be a battle field today as all unionists gathered at 91.9 Breeze FM today for a media mobility. The AAUA SUG President – Sampraise who highlighted how far the Union have been going towards agitating for a reduction in their tuition fees.

He said

“We held a protest last year of which the governor ordered security men to shoot at us. We have the Boris and pictures with us”.

While reacting to this, the National President of NANS – Comrade Danielson Bamidele testified to it that the students informed him that they have bear it enough and had to protest, he gave them a go ahead. The Governor ordered his security men to shoot at them. In their meeting with the governor yesterday.

He said the governor said;

He only want to have meeting with him, and said he told him he have other Union leaders and they have to be involved, then he allowed them in.

He goes further;

Mr. Governor, you can’t do it this way, past administration (Mimiko) managed this school without no increase in tuition fees. Rather than the governor to listen to us, he said (we should go to hell & would shut down the school and establish news ones that would pay millions)

He talks recklessly as if he isn’t a parent, said he would wipe the students off if they hold any protest. He banged his table and ordered his Chief Security Officer to trow us out”.

Reacting to this, the NANS Don said;

the Governor acts like an emperor whose oder can’t be questioned. “This is not a Monarchy govt, imagine him saying he would kill people. If he wants to be a king, the stool of Olowo of Owo is vacant, let him go for it”.

The Union further said they are having three approaches to their agitation; namely: Consultation, Consolidation & Confrontation. They said they have done Consultation and should be followed by consolidation. If it fails, we go for confrontation.

Source: Eagle Square.


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