“I went for a talent hunt twice and I didn’t win… Instead of me giving up… It became my inspiration.” – Fast Rising Star JULIAN

JULIAN Interview with ExtremeMirror. Nigeria’s favorite entertainment platform, ExtremeMirror had an EXTREME INTERVIEW with Nigeria’s fast rising Singer, JULIAN The rising star talks about her Education, inspiration, challenges, giving an insight about the “Nigerian music industry”

ExtremeMirror:-Introduce yourself to the World. Your name,home town?

Julian :- Hi everyone, my name is olakunle julianah opeyemi. Im an indigene of odigbo, ondo state

ExtremeMirror :- When did you start doing Music ?

Julian:- I started music about 2years ago.

ExtremeMirror:- Wow
You’re still fresh in the industry ? ?.  What style music do you do?

Julian:- Smiles.. what can we do.. its been God always
The style of music I do is Contemporary(folks) music.

ExtremeMirror:- Tell us about your Education

Julian :- Okay, I’m a student of kwara state University, studying Medical laboratory science, I’m currently in 300l.

ExtremeMirror:- Yeah.. How has this year been?? Like how many songs do you have out??

JULIAN:- Hmm.. I only have two songs out there, though I’m planning on releasing another hit track titled “Believe“.. and I’m sure it’s gonna reach my fans as Soon as it’s released.

ExtremeMirror:-What inspire the song Believe?

Julian:- Actually it’s myself, there are couples of time I tried and I failed, I choose not to give up. Even when it seems like no wanted me… I still choose to believe. And I’m sure there are couple of people out there that have stopped trying because they keep failing each time they tried.
Giving up easily isn’t the way out. Just keep trying and believe in yourself and in God as well.. I’m sure you’ll be there.

ExtremeMirror:- Hmm….    Name 3 artistes you love most (Upcoming) it may be difficult but will like to know.?

JULIAN:- Ckristimmy, keshman and segcrown

ExtremeMirror:- Which famous musicians do you admire? Why? and What have you learned from them?

Julian:- Simi, Jonny drille, Nona Simeon, Beyonce, Adekunle gold, shola Allyson and few others..

I love their pattern of music and that’s what I have learnt from them.

ExtremeMirror:- There are so many dope music out lately, What’s your top 3 songs?

Julian:- Mind your business by Simi, show me by martinfleez and there is a God by Adekunle gold

ExtremeMirror:- Currently in a record label?

Julian:- No.. not yet

EXTREMEMIRROR:-If you have the opportunity to choose any artiste from the mainstream for collaboration, who will you pick?

Julian:- Adekunle Gold or kiss daniel

ExtremeMirror:- What are those challenges you face as a music Artiste?

Julian:- Most time it’s financial constraint.. promotion and all other needs as an artist are all connected to money.. and connections too can be constraint for music artiste

ExtremeMirror:- Do you ever get nervous? tell us about your first experience in a show:?

Julian:-Yes, and that was the first time I had to perform on a stage at my department dinner night..
The first song was sang by me, no backup, just my ordinary voice and the instrumental.. though I was nervous at first, but when people started shouting and I was wowed! I built up my courage and gave in my best that night!

EXTREMEMIRROR:- where do you see yourself in the next 5 years.?

JULIAN:- Higher places, much more than how I desire.. I wanna see myself performing on those big stages.. i wanna see my self moving from national to international artiste. I pray may God help me.

We entertain some questions from her from fans:

@Pedro:- How did you discover your talent my actress??

Julian:- I discovered my talent since I was in secondary school.. I was the charpel prefect.. and all thanks to one of my uncle too.. Mr shina for allowing me to use microphone for the first time in his church?

@⁨Troie gave Julian word motivations :-  I don’t have a question for you…. Just wanna appreciate you for not giving up on Wat u wanted to do, I have noticed passion for music in you since we were in secondary school … And m using dis medium to tell u
I will support you in every way I can…. Trust me your fan base will grow very soon I’m working on it already ??????
The sky is ur starting point ??????

@Wholey⁨:- If you could change one thing about the music industry, what would it be?

@Julian:- Rendering assistance to the upcoming artiste… Alot of artiste are out there that couldn’t make it to the top just because they got no help

ExtremeMirror:- Yeah we’ve come to the end of Interview Make a shout-out to your fans and ExtremeMirror.com.ng before going 

Julian:- Awn! Shout out to my fans out there! And allow me to say thank you to @⁨Jamo⁩ king of music and all other artists that are here! Thanks you very much for your time

All thanks to julian fans! You guys are my base! I mean I can’t support myself alone.. thanks for the support and everything.. I love you all.

To Extrememirror.com.ng, I really appreciate your support and encouragement! I thank you for this great opportunity for allowing me in your interview room! I’m really grateful.


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