Exclusive: May D Explains In Details What He Went Through In The P-square Mansion Without A Contract

Nigerian singer, May D has shared more light on how his relationship with Jude Okoye and P-Square ended on bad terms. 

In the midst of the Cynthia MorganJude Okoye saga, May D had a few things to say about the music brothers. May D revealed that while he was still with them, he never had a bank account or even billed them for all he did for them. From songwriting to putting his vocals on their “Invasion” album, the “Soundtrack” singer said he never asked them for anything.

However, in a recent interview, May D gave details about his experience with the Okoye brothers. According to him, he was never greedy while he was with them. He said it took him 1o years to finally share his story not because he was bitter but because people needed to know the truth.

May D spoke about how his relationship with Jude affected his brand after he left the label as people kept on referring to how he stole money from them. He added that the Hummer (car) they gave was for him to run errands and two weeks later, they collected the key from him. The singer also said that he didn’t open an account because it was never about the money for him but for making it big.

While speaking on how he lived in their boy’s quarters, May D said he never complained about it and was content with what they gave him. The singer said he never complained whenever they cheated him after collecting money for shows.

Watch the full interview below:


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