5 Food Combinations Nigerians Use As Blood Tonic

Homemade blood tonic? Nigerians did that first. Are you even a Nigerian if you didn’t taste any of these combinations? Tell us, are you?

1. Malt and milk

For a long time, this was the face of homemade blood tonic in Nigerian households. You look pale? The next thing Nigerian mothers will mix is malt and milk. No time to waste.

2. Malt and tomato paste

This one for when milk was unavailable. I can’t remember now if milk and tomato paste were mixed together too, but this is one combination I am sure of.

3. Ugu juice and milk

This one also came in handy for blood. Nigerian mothers been doing the work since 19-kiridim.

4. Ugu juice and malt

Same as above, but this time with malt, in case milk was not available.

5. Raw eggs and milk

This combo is often used more for weight gain than for purposes of blood replenishment.We have to stan the knowledge in Nigerian households.


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