Nigerian Multi-talented rapper KWEST Balogun talks about his recent escapades in new interview.

Beyond all doubt, it is Crystal clear that the Nigerian music sphere is blessed with a lot of talented individuals that are/have been blessing our ears with tunes that will stand the test of time. One of these individuals popularly known as KWEST Balogun revealed in an interview with Gidiplug Media his recent escapades, role in motivating newbies in the music scene and plans.

KWEST Balogun is a multi-talented Nigerian rapper, performing and recording artist, who raps with his indigenous language (Yoruba) the rap act has a number of banging tunes to his name, y’all should check him out.

He talked about an impromptu battle he was engaged in during the interview, in his words “I wasn’t aware about the rap battle, I was coming from somewhere and on getting there (the location of the rap battle), I realized they put my name down, then I was called unaware, I was caught unprepared, then they called me to the stage and you know, nobody else is going to answer my name, then I climbed the stage I realized it’s a rap battle and I was given the mic to freestyle and everybody was shouting then I noticed the way the other guys were rapping that they were rapping like guys that are just getting started. Meanwhile me continuing with the rap battle will be like I’m trying to prove something, when I’ve got nothing to prove anymore, I’ve done a lot of things (music work), I have a lot of content online, I’ve worked with many big boys in the industry but this is not about that it is about be not getting them discouraged because if I keep on rapping they will feel discouraged, so in order to encourage them I had to drop the mic and let them continue the battle without me.

He also talked about his participation in the unifest competition, he said ” a friend in this school told me that I should please do something to represent the school, so I had to do a freestyle for the competition and also I wasn’t prepared to it, we were at the sport complex and the guy was like please do your thing, and I told him to record and that’s how I did it and I then realized that unifest picked it among the first twelve, the selected three from music, three from dance, three from spoken words and others. The competition is ongoing presently and I think I’m having the most views for now but the guys I’m contesting with, it’s like they have a lot of crowd, viewing and liking. I don’t think a lot of AAUA students are aware of the competition. It’s a competition I’ll like to win, I need more people to go and view, like and comment, because I’m among the finalists and I’d be needing all the help I can get in order to help me bring this one home.

The rapper whose last song “OH LORD” is still doing numbers on all streaming platforms stated that he’s not planning to drop any song soon but he’s going to be dropping alot of freestyle videos on his social media handle, follow him in order not to miss out on his beautiful contents.
To wrap up the interview section he said “I believe when my friends and everyone around one is blessed, you’re blessed too.


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